Bottega offers an unmistakably Italian sense of style in a stunning Napa Valley setting. Dine outside on our expansive patio, complete with two stone fireplaces to warm you on the coolest Napa nights. Inside, you’ll find a warm, rustic setting adorned with Venetian plaster, Murano glass chandeliers, soft leather chairs, and ample tables — the perfect atmosphere for a meal and an experience to remember. Like our food, our interior celebrates both the rustic and the refined: Olive greens, chocolate browns and deep reds create a warm and welcoming atmosphere palette. We also offer two indoor dining rooms with a private dining/wine room and bar, as well as five communal tables made of forty year-old timbers, Calcutta d’Oro marble, and recycled concrete.


    Chef & Owner
    Chef, vintner, sustainable farmer, author, and Emmy®-winning TV host Michael Chiarello is a culinary icon. He was named Chef of the Year by Food & Wine magazine in 1985, just three years after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. From his pioneering days at Tra Vigne, to his critically acclaimed Napa Valley restaurant Bottega, and San Francisco’s Coqueta — a 2013 James Beard Award Best New Restaurant Finalist — Michael has combined his passion for seasonal, global flavors, and sustainable living with his Southern Italian roots to create dishes that have inspired thousands. He has been a national television host of his own shows for over a decade on PBS, Food Network and Cooking Channel. Michael lives among his Napa Valley vineyards with his wife and children.

    Arthur Doyal-Coutinho
    Chef de Cuisine

    When I was just getting started, I traveled to Italy to work with a very talented chef. I knew I wanted to focus on Italian cuisine from then on.  ∞  Life in the kitchen has broadened the way I view the world and life in general. No matter what culture or nationality a person is, we can always communicate though food. It truly is the international language.  ∞  I met my beautiful wife Skye while working at Bottega.  ∞  My hidden talents? Skateboarding and playing the electric guitar.  ∞  Waking up every day in Napa Valley and being surrounded by food and wine all day is inspiration enough.

    Massimiliano Giovannoni
    Wine Director / Beverage Maestro

    I was born in one of the most famous wine regions in the world, and I had to choose between working in the cellar making wine or taking care of guests and serving wine. I am too social for the cellar.  ∞  The first things I do every day is shine my shoes.  ∞  There’s nothing better than being a father. I love waking up and seeing the world through my son's eyes.  ∞  I love listening to old-school Italian singers. Truly, it’s just poetry.  ∞  I’ve met so many people from so many different cultures that it’s just opened my mind.  ∞  People are surprised to learn that I used to be a professional soccer player.

    Ilan Ades
    Pastry Chef

    When I’m cooking, whatever ingredient is right at that moment will capture my eye and make the wheels turn in my brain.  ∞  I was born and raised in Brazil, and I’ve lived on three different continents. I think that gives me a different perspective on the world.  ∞  Working at the grocery store Wegmans is the reason I became a pastry chef.  ∞  I enjoy drawing, sculpting, and building things.  ∞  I wake up every morning and walk my dog. When we come home we eat breakfast together and go about our days.  ∞  My favorite place in the world is in the kitchen.

    Amgad Wahba
    General Manager

    Working in restaurants has made me a much more understanding and forgiving person. ∞  I get inspiration from telling stories and sharing my life with others. ∞  Growing up, my mom cooked the same food every day. It was delicious, but part of what drew me to working in restaurants was needing to find other choices, other flavors. ∞  I start every day by going for a walk. Not with a particular destination or sense of direction in mind, just walking. ∞  If you ask me what song is playing in my head, the answer is probably “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor.

    Kellie Magna
    Director of Special Events and Celebrations

    My daily routine is basically put on the high heels and go. But just between us, I prefer flip-flops on the beach.  ∞  The Tyrrhenian Sea off the northern coast of Sicily is the most grounding and beautiful place I have seen.  ∞  Favorite music? Alicia Keys for energy. Rod Stewart for love. Foo Fighters for inspiration.  ∞  Every day we have the choice to be happy, so that’s what I choose.  ∞  Beautiful people, food, and wines are my inspirations.  ∞  I’ve been lucky to learn from inspiring women who took time to work with me and help me learn and improve.

    David O'Malley
    Head of Operations

    I love this Duke Ellington quote: “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”  ∞  Each day is a new challenge for me to deliver great service to our guests and provide them lasting memories of their time with us.  ∞  Rome is my favorite place in the world. The history, the food, the markets, and the fountains. St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Layer upon layer of history and culture.  ∞  I’m inspired by being able to collaborate with incredibly talented people, from chefs, managers and sommeliers to architects, designers, and artisans to create a unique environment and experience.


    We’re always in search of talented people who share our passion for food and the experience of preparing and enjoying it. If you’re interested in joining our family, please introduce yourself and send us a resumé at